LightWave Import Export Suite v0.1

(scorpius) #1

I’ve added support for LightWave to my Radiosity Import Export Suite. Now you can read and write LWO files directly from Blender. And, for the fun of it, I’ve also added OFF support for Moonlight Atelier users.

Run the import script, then middle-click on a file with an extension listed below.
Run the export script, then enter a file name ending with an extension listed below. If you middle-click on a file, it will be overwritten without warning.

Supported Formats

| format | import | export | vcols |
|*.radio |   yes  |   yes  |  yes  |
|*.cob   |   yes  |   yes  |   no  |
|*.scn   |   yes  |    no  |   no  |
|*.lwo   |   yes  |   yes  |   no  |
|*.off   |   yes  |   yes  |   no  |

Download the update here, located in the python scripts section.

Send me bug reports, feature requests, comments, or a little praise :slight_smile: I plan to add triangulation and UV coords, for all formats. Would this be useful? I won’t update it often if no one is going to use it, so let me know if you guys like this kind of stuff.

(Condorcet) #2

I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

(mthoenes) #3

Thank you for sharing your scripts.

They are very useful and greatly appreciated. May you be blessed greatly for your generosity.

I used the lwo export and it worked well.


(mthoenes) #4

I am not sure how lightwave handles multiple objects yet, but it would be great if we could export multiple selected objects to light wave. Currently I am only able to export the “active” selected object.

Perhaps I need to play with it more. In any case, the work you have done so far is great.

Many thanks,

(Turrin) #5

Does your script work with non-radiosity scenes?

If not, I’m looking for a Lightwave export script for Blender. There was a link to one in the Blender Knowledge Base, but it doesn’t seem to exists anymore.


(mthoenes) #6


The script sucessfully exported the active selected object to .lwo format. It opened fine in LW 5.6.

I have also sucessfully used an obj export script to bring files into LW 5.6.

hope that helps.


(scorpius) #7

Thanks, I’m glad someone is using it.

Multiple objects can be exported, but I think each each one has to be on its own layer in LW. How mant layers does LW support? Is it 20?

The scripts work with or without vertex colors. I also have a version to import LW6.0 files.

(mthoenes) #8

I have been messing around with Lightwave 5.5 but I am hoping to buy a copy of 6.5. Anyway, I am a newbie in Lightwave.

LW 5.5 has 10 layers. I have discovered that you can select linked virticies using the ] Key. Similar to hitting the L Key in Blender while in edit mode.

I will experiment further.