Lightwave Motion Export (.mot), my first exporter :-)

Hi, I did this for using at job, it exports selected object’s Loc Rot Size channels to a Ligthwave motion file in Blender’s home directory (.blender folder)

Hope you like it

It’s suposed to be working perfectly now, if you find any problem please let me know :smiley:

Edit: Added a file selector YAY! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi ZanQdo!

i´ll test the script tomorrow (no LW at home…);

my I ask you about how difficult wold be a script to export camera info between LW and Blender?


hey, not dificult since this guy jeremyhardin from cgtalk offers me to use his Lightwave script to import and export cameras in lightwave

And of course I got to do the inverse thing, importing from lightwave, but that´s for later.

So tomorrow I´ll ad suport for cameras and multiple objets at the same time and I´ll fix some noob mistakes I did :smiley:

See you

just setting a watch this thread flag here. Ignore me. And thanks much for the script. If you could get that camera export (and definitely import) to working it’d be incredibly helpful. Shouldn’t this kind of information be included in the default import export script?

does anybody know if this script could be adapted to export camera data to after effects?

this has been a constant bugbear for me for years, my workflow for the last ten years has always been from 3d to after effects… and having the cameras come with you a la maya,lightwave etc would make blender even more killer than it already is…

I’m also looking for a blender to after effects compatable camera and lights export.
Anyone working on that?

@ Blangbauer
It seems that the AE export feature is becoming a big demand, couldn’t agree more, actually it would be really useful and a great addition to the Blender arsenal.
ZanQdo already tried something in that direction.

I’ve tried your expoter to not avail. The motion exported includes ridiculous rotations from simple movements (i.e. 70° in Blender but 2000° in LW), I’ve discovered you’re assuming that LW requires angles for rotations in the .mot file, when in reality asks for radians. Adding three lines solves the issue but the motion is still not correct.

				Val = -mat.toEuler().z
				Val = (Val * 3.141592)/180 ## convert deg to rad

I’m still trying to understand how rotations work in Blender, I’m not shure if its due to quaternions but the rotations I got from Blender doesn’t work in LW.

Felipe Esquivel