Lightwave opinions

I am in a situation where I am very happily doing production with Blender (2.49) for my job. I may have the opportunity to switch jobs where I can do more 3D that I do now but they have Lightwave.

Is anyone familiar with Lightwave as compared to Blender?

If I do get this job I am thinking ahead about whether or not to embrace Lightwave and keep doing Blender on the side or selling them on the idea that I should keep using Blender.

Hi koblesky

I used lightwave and its an excellent app but in my opinion its in a serious need of a interface overhaul, ( I guess thats why the team split to make modo ?) your blender skills will get you up to speed in lightwave in no time, I don’t use lightwave anymore I find blender has 95% of the the tools I like to use and its developed by people who are passionate about the product, things I liked most about lightwave were its layer system, hyper voxels ,cool renders and the good edit options you could do with the morph targets ie you could create a head model with morph targets then weld it to the body and all your morph targets shape’s are retained, I’m looking forward to the finalized version of Blender 2.5 major updates going on there, big thanks to all you cool coders out there you guys and gals rock :cool: