lightwave to blender surface texturing?

Short of it:
Texturing is throwing me off. I have a single object and want seperate textures without, for now, using UV, on different parts of the object. Can’t figure out how to do that.

Not so short of it:
I’ve gone through the docs (for what they are) and knowledge base but apparently I’m missing something. In Lightwave one can take a whole object in a layer (in LW anything in a layer is considered a single object) and select polygons (faces) then create a new base color surface out of them so those polygons can be textured with procedurals seperatly from the rest of the object (for example 3 sides of a cube can have seperate colors and procedurals applied). How can I do that in Blender since in a simple way that’s basically what I got myself into?

I think this is what you’re talking about, but I’m not sure.

You seperate the mesh into zones. In edit mode, look in the Edit buttons.

This is your tool. Press “new” to create a new material for that object. Select the vertices that you want to be seperate and then click the “assign” button to add them to the group. Now go to the Materials buttons and you can set its material at your leisure. To adjust the first material again, go back to the edit buttons and scroll through the materials by clicking and dragging through them (where it says “1 Mat: 1” in the screenshot).

You can change the color of the section in the viewport by clicking on the gray box in the top left. You can select/deselect the vertices of the selected group with the two buttons labelled thusly. The delete button gets rid of the present group.

Thanks ‘shbaz’. I tried this before but the process wasn’t as detailed as you explained. What you’re saying sounds exactly like what I’m trying to figure out. I’ll go to sleep and try it with your process in the morning (wait a minute, it’s a weekend…) I’ll try it in the early afternoon. Thanks, just reading it over I think it’s what I’m looking for…

One step shbaz missed is that the new material index and the old will share the same material - so changes to one will still affect the other. In short it will appear as if nothing had changed.

To copy the material go into the material buttons and next to the material name there is a button with a number on it (proably 2) - this is the number of “users” the material has. Click the number and confirm “Make single-user” to make an unlinked copy.

Super, thanks guys it all works. Thanks shbaz for the in-depth process and philp for providing the one thing missing out of the whole process to make it work.

Now to figure out the ‘hows and whys’ of it all.

That one’s a toughie. I have no idea why that particular set of buttons would be in with the edit tools, except that it is mostly used in edit mode. I guess the Materials are just too crowded already.