does anyome know of a website were i could get a cheap used copy of LightWave 7.5 or Lightwave 6.0? i would go for a newer version, but my budget is kinda icky nowadays…anywho, if you find a version that’s older than 6.0, that would be ok too. As you can see, i REALLY REALLY want LightWave. so if you guys can AT ALL help me, that would be great!

ps., i’m actually out of a job (currently looking for one) so i’m going to sell my portable dvd player, and my extra computer graphics card that i got for my computer a couple of months back…so if anyone is interested, i can sell you my graphics card…it’s a ATI Radeon 7500 32MB AGP VGA SVID OUT DELL CARD (low profile), so it acctually is worth about $300 or more, but i’ll be willing to sell it to you for $99. So if you can, PLEASE try and help me out…if you do want to buy my graphics card, just let me know by posting in this thread, then email me at: [email protected] thanks in advance!:slight_smile:

There’s a copy of version 5 on sale at eBay right now, here.

oops! i forgot to say OTHER than and, sorry!:o

lol sure…maybe 5 years ago…

Hm sometimes think about selling my LW 8.5 licence, but it sure is worth more than a 5 year old DX7 graphics card…

Why do you want Lightwave so bad, its not a good software you know

Go for Maya. Lightwave is terrible.

I second that

really? i didn’t know that…but the reason i wanted lightwave so bad is because i heard that they used it (and i think, maya) to make final fantasy 7: advent children. But if lightwave is THAT bad, i guess i’ll just go with maya then…

Lightwave cannot compare to Maya. Autodesk is GOD!!!

Note: Any 3D program will not give you results like FF7:AC, it takes time and effort. So if your just buying Maya or Lightwave cause you think you can get FF7:AC quality really fast you are mistaken.

Also I think they used Houdini as well and alot of inbuilt house programs.

Oh yea every company has a bragging-list somewhere showing which films, series etc. were done with their software. But the truth is, it will usually only be one of many tools the studio used, probably stuffed with commercial plugins or even custom-made plugins you cannot buy for money.

I did use Lightwave quite a bit, and while it is very versatile, it also got this “our feature-list has to become longer” syndrome, i.e. it basically can do everything, but nothing of it convincingly, and bugs from 2 versions ago still get no attention, hence i gave up on it.
For example cloth-dynamics simply suck, their so-called new dynamics in LW8 turned out to be mainly cosmetic. The renderer is despite a recent update in 9.0 still not nearly up-to-date compared to MentalRay, neither is FPrime. The modeler apparently still can’t handle large polycounts in viewport. etc. so LW alone simply is no uber-tool-pipe but an affordable versatile tool with many little weaknesses…knowing workarounds to them is probably more important than in most other tools IMHO.
So again, it’s the artist, not the tool that makes superb artwork…

Im sorry guys but some of the comments here are ridiculous. LW is very capable and has been used professionally for years to create movie, TV and assets for many other things.
Lightwave has received an emmy award and many productions that used LW heavily also received emmy awards.
Every app has weaknesses which require workarounds. LW is pretty easy to get around its weaknesses.
You can get a demo version of LW from Newtek Also if youre a student or know a student you can get a student license of LW for about $170 bucks.

I know lightwave, don´t tell me my comments are ridiculous, its an outdated software with many problems that are not present in any other mayor 3d software

One wonders why they chose Lightwave to do Galactica. Even Newtek staff decided that they’d had enough of Lightwave and went to create Modo.

To be fair, Lightwave takes a lot of work to get things to look right (I never did), but the most of the required functionality is there. One also needs to keep in mind that while Lightwave is ~$800 in the street, Maya Unlimited is ~$8000…

Wow $8000 huh?

I’m sure that’s not Australian dollars.

It cost $9 650 Australian for Maya Unlimited I believe.

  • can buy me a car :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the eye candy part about commercial softwares.

People see what the pros can do with 3D commercial applications and then they start to feel they really want it bad. It’s a common experience, I believe.

But really, I know this is strongly discourage and illegal but a good way to really kill that eye candy feeling is to get an illegal copy of the software through torrents and try it out. The wikiipedia mentions that a lot of people download a copy of the commercial software to learn it then once they have earned themself enough money, they’ll “buy a genuine copy”.

For 3ds Max, you won’t likely find a personal learning edition :stuck_out_tongue:

You can get a copy of personal learning edition for Maya, which Alias and Autodesk distributed on their website.

Try Maya out and if that’s the right program for you, then learn the personal edition well until you get hired and have enough money to buy the Unlimited version.

Otherwise, Blender is the best choice for the meantime.

I think you’re right about the influence of commercial shots. I started playing with 3D in a college course (we ran POVray, which I think was the only free alternative, on 386 machines!), but I stayed because of the things that those images made me see were possible.

I harbored no illusions as to the amount of work required to produce professional-looking imagery. If anything, though, prospects have improved immensely from coding POV-ray files raw with nothing but a text editor, ms paint and a calculator.