LightWave3D Type In-Render Flare System For Blender?

Why doesn’t Blender to this day have a normal in-render Flare system like LightWave3D? I mean look at what LightWave3D has!

LightWave3D had this since the 1990s! It’s 2022 now, and Blender STILL doesn’t have anything like this! I think Blender would benefit heavily if it was possible to have in-render flares that could be customized on the fly. Blender needs this thing. Using the Compositor to make flares is complicated and not easy at all.

That’s nice and all, but I mean FREE. This isn’t free. I don’t know why Cycles or EEVEE itself doesn’t get flares built in.

Osl port of renderman lens flare, worth a look.

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Still too complex. It requires a lot of setting up. LightWave3Ds flares do not.

Another episode in the endless misadventures of blenderbach wanting dated garbage that is entirely achievable with just a little work? Will they ever accept the solutions kindly offered to them, or forever insist that it’s too hard? How many times will the goalposts move on this episode?

I’m on the edge of my seat.

I don’t think Blender is really the ideal software for your many specific use cases, @blenderbach, you seem to be very interested in retro rendering, have your trying finding a retro-oriented 3D software?

I don’t mean to sound exclusionary- please, if you want to use Blender, use Blender! I just mean you have a lot of things you’re looking for that Blender doesn’t have, why not branch out and use Blender along with other things to get the results you want?

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A line controlled by 2 empties, some instance on points, some transparent and emission shader.

So, @init_pixel , camera flares are now dated garbage? What’s next? Realistic camera movements will be dated garbage next? Then realistic graphics will also be dated garbage? When will “dated garbage” by your standards end? When we’re making a single vertex on a plane? Will that finally be latest and greatest by your standard? Hmmm? If you’re calling lens flares, “dated garbage”, then I don’t even know what you don’t consider dated garbage. But you know what I consider? I consider you crazy, and you need to get educated, on how cameras work, and how you have lens flares near bright objects. Because if you consider lens flares being “dated garbage” then you’re not a very good Blender artist either, if you’re calling realistic things garbage.

This is way too complex. :slight_smile:

The thing is, lens flares are a part of an actual real life phenomenon when a bright light reflects off lens elements in a camera causing streaks and flares. Blender needs to make realistic graphics, and lens flares are a big portion of that.

Thing is Blender is the kind of software you have to put some effort into really, unless someone has made a one click solution that does exactly what you want, which is rare.

You can make it as complex or simple as you like.

but learning Blender is a big portion of that.

LightWave3D can do it almost one click… Why can’t Blender?
Lens flares were a thing in LightWave3D since the year 1990!
It’s 2022 now, and Blender STILL doesn’t have flares. This shouldn’t be too hard to implement into Blender’s workflow in Cycles or EEVEE. If this could be achieved by another software in the 90s, I don’t know why in 2022 it couldn’t be done in Blender…

Then use Lightwave!

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That’s the issue. I want Blender to have this type of feature… Blender needs to improve… We can’t just run to a different software because ours can’t do a certain thing… We improve our software until it matches…

I think you now have all the answers you need in this very thread, all of them, goodbye.

I kind of feel that Blender is slowly forgetting its home-made fun software roots, and going full on industry standard and slowly moving away from the users, and moving towards big corporations… If this continues, soon Blender will stop being open source, because slowly, everything is going from improving Blender, to taking the industry standard and shoving it in. I remember when people talked about adding fun things to Blender, like VSE Transitions, and star streaking particles. Now it’s all, Hollywood big business, and not a lot of personal user in-house feel… Blender users I remember used to be nicer and actually liked these kinds of ideas. Today, it feels like Blender is becoming a former shell of its past self. Almost like Blender is slowly becoming Maya… I’m starting to see a trend of Blender features that are trying to mimic Maya. Slowly Blender is moving ever so closer and closer to Maya…

If Blender continues this way, ignoring all the issues, being toxic to their users, and mindlessly pursuing the industry standard while throwing away anything even a bit old, THIS is the future of Blender…

but you also have to be honest,
Lightwave was never for free, personally I also miss a lot and wonder why there is not in Blender (schematic view!)
but that’s the way it is, Blender is opensource, free and also not (yet) perfect.
In your case, however, there are a few Lensflare addons that help for little money 12-25$.
you can of course also learn programming and then give away everything you develop,

blender can do a hell of a lot and the rest will come eventually,
until then better let off some steam and relax.