LightwaveCore aka Lightwave10 Released "Soon"

I use lightwave at work so i got the invite to view the live stream from newtek:

Some info from the Core website:

I think the most notable things to change that effect blender is Python support although i dont know if that means there will be some sort of cross compatibility or not? They seem to be going down the subscription root with “HardCore” membership. they are also raising the price if you buy it after April even though its not getting a release until Q4!

interesting and within the first 18 months after the release of this new product we should be able to call it autodesk core :smiley:

Oh Endi my friend, do you have some news about 3DMAX too!? :smiley:

they have woken up and smelled the coffee after all those years. Good for them I suppose.
I was impressed by the portion of “Iron Man” which was created with (good old) Lightwave!
Also interesting is that in the presentation videos, they consider themselves #4 which is marketing hype because as we all know, THAT spot is held by blender … or are we #3 yet?

The problem with the Top 4 3D Apps dilemma is that no one knows what the criteria is for a “Top App”. I mean if its “use in industry” then light wave defiantly deserves its place in the top 4. But when you compare that to the number of installs/downloads then blender wins hands down “although according to 3dworld we get beat by flash and sketch-up :(”. Ease of use and customization you would think would be another area where blender has it in the sake “opensource!” but with hot keys fixed ATM that’s not true :(.

If you wanted to compare renderers then lightwave would be in the top 4 agian and blender might well not get a mention. but if you compare charicter animation then blender would beat max comfortably and lightwave wouldnt even get a mention so it all depends on what you set as targets and what you want out of an app.

In my opinion “MINE” if you compare all the merrits of all the apps, then blender only gets in the top 4 if you dont take industry acceptance into acount and accepte that all the apps will use an exsternal renderer, thus nullifing the internal renderer score.

That siad lightwave only gets in the top 4 score box if you do take thouse two things into acount.

Rant Over!

What I’m most fascinated by in the core is the fact that it uses collada as the scene files!
that is like totally w00t! :3

and +1 for the python. :slight_smile:

When I read the list of what’s comming with Core, it looked like they were reacting more to Blender being a threat. The price, for Core, was raised and the economy is funky. Newtek is famous for blowing release dates and they haven’t said anything about improving CA tools. Even if all that is true, Blender will still hang well with the top apps. This will be an awesome year for Blender, we have all the work on 2.50 and project Durian. And at the end of the day, you can’t beat free.

From what I read and have seen about it, they’re making Modo 2.

Also, I really hate it when companies make videos in which they brag about their shit in the most ridiculous ways. They speak about “Superduper technology X”, but they actually mean “you can now use your right mouse button as well, w00t!” (obviously, that’s just a silly example to get the point across).

Just cut the crap and tell the public what kind of actual goodies you have to offer. I’m not interested in buzz words without a meaning.

But well, I guess that’s why I’m using Blender :RocknRoll:

Actually, you can.