Like a bug with animated object outside viewport

Hi, I have a strange behavior in my project…
Let me explain:
I am making an introduction animation for a little game:
I have a camera which points to north, and after a few time, it points to south with interpolation.
I have a guy, in the south, with armature who is supposed to jump just when the camera sees it.

With Alt+A, all is OK,
However, when I start P in camera view mode (numpad 0), the guy jumps long after the camera sees it.
But, if I have a big view of scene and I start P, the animation is OK.

I assume that the objects which aren’t visible in starting game are ignored for logic evaluation…
To fix that buggy behavior, I extrude just a vertice from my guy in front of the camera :wink:

Have you the same problem ? I use v2.70a on Linux 64