Like a feather :-)

Rendered in Blender


haha - brilliant :slight_smile:

maybe you could add a sky…?

nice one, good modeling and lightning.I am missing some emotions though. Would be funny as hell if he was screaming for his life preparing for a hard landing.

Or a bra


here is a new version with sky and new watter. the first image was to bright.
the guy wasn´t modeled by me. i build hin in “Make Human”.
i coulden´t decided, should i let him screen or should he look happy and satisfied. i took the second one.


I liked it better with the sky blown out. Made him all the more imposing. Nice work either way. I love the bend on the diving board – not very realistic, but effective at communicating…

i played a little bit with the colors and put some hairs on his head.


The hair does not fit his face! Make better a semy bald hair like …short hair. The final version does not fit!

Water is a big improvement from the first render. I agree with loosing the hair.
Maybe add some goggles. If you feel risky even add some old style pilot goggles to match the title.

Now it looks like Belushi. :smiley:

Not that that’s a bad thing. Makes it funnier I guess.

You should make him fatter. The image would be more humorous if you exaggerated his weight to the point of morbidly obese and if you exaggerated his facial expression.