Like a gust of wind

Hi there! This is my new composition and called “Like a gust of wind”

Inspired by the power of ideas and the obstacles that must be crossed to reach our goals…

Some screenshot about the work…

Made with: Inkscape 0.48 , Blender 2.65 | Render: 2:45 Hours - Cycles(GPU)

Thanks so much for viewing and I hope you like it…! :]

***Blog of experiments…

I like the 3d parts, but not too much the drawing, with all due respect: you’re skipping a lot of proportions.

Valcar, who said he was going for realistic proportions. It looks like he was going for a stylized look and he pulled it off quite nicely. If the girl was sized realistically she’d be so small she wouldn’t be noticeable but if I’m understanding this image correctly, by making her larger he’s saying this image is more about the girl enjoying the windy day.

calderongz, great image and use of colors. :slight_smile:

yeah like I said with all due respect, of course everybody has its own style/taste. is just a honest opinion not meant to be offensive.

Hi valcar3d and Paint Guy, thanks for your insights and comments! Are helpful indeed. With regard to the proportions of the drawing is true that the character would be a giant!.. :stuck_out_tongue: He was one of the issues I had to deal with, so I decided to make the biggest character to highlight in the drawing … the image is about the girl!

Once again, thank you friends! all the comments and help are welcome! :slight_smile:

?? why so few comments? Anyway, I like this alot!
But I feel like the woman seem to be a little disconnected from the scene. More interaction with the CG side of the scene will be good, like catching a leaf at the palm of her hand

love it, was there any way of getting the leafs to not look so flat on to you. it any one knows i would like to know that to :slight_smile:

nice character bro… :smiley:

Hi ForgottenWorld, thank you for the comment! The girl catching tree leaf in hand, I had not even thought of! That scene looks great, would become the magical moment.:slight_smile: I’m so glad you liked, greetings!

Hi jjjjason, thanks for the comment, in effect leaves look very flat! … When you start to see more detail, some things require more work and do things like leaves, trees and stems are no easy task. testing… I think if subdivided mesh and edit with the proportional editing can work. I’m not convinced that is the texture looks very clean when the image is enlarged.

any tips are very welcome… :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks yassiramry! :wink:

Very beautiful! :slight_smile:

a very successful combination of 2d and 3d! love it. and the colorscheme is so beautiful. all very appealing and creates a good mood. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Doris, I’m glad you liked it! I love to combine 2D and 3D styles to make drawings, sure I’ll be doing more, thank you very much for the comment, Greetings! :wink: