Like Clockwork

Wanted to convey sort of a mechanical feel here. And what better way then gears, wheels and other things.

Made in 2.42 and edges enhanced in PSP 7.

Tried tweaking the brightness and contrast here but either the rings became too white or the very back went black, so it ended up the way it is.

This has a nice sense of wonderful sense to it,although it gives me a cartoony feeling which i often dont like

p.s. how do u finish so many projects in so little time??

Because he approaches blender in a unique and individual way. Most people focus on fine details and things, whereas Cyborg Dragon seems to think in terms of the “big picture” of putting down his original ideas. He does not get overly involved in dwelling on the finer time-consuming points, instead stopping before they reach the stage where progress becomes a slow grind. Using this non-perfectionist approach, Cyborg Dragon has indeed managed to churn out works very quickly, although it must be noted that the experience has enabled him to come to grips with speed tools in blender (e.g: in this last case, heavy use of rotational shapes and duplicating after that), perhaps better than most of us.

Some people don’t like his technique because it does not meet what they have decided they want to see when browsing for examples of blender art. Other people (myself included) would say the different and somewhat lateral approach is gifted.

You mostly have to know the tools and know what you’re going for. And there’s the fact that abstract pieces are quicker to do, some of which can have heavy use of a particular tool and duplication. As with non abstracts it still boils down to knowing the tools, what you’re going for, and your plan to get there.

Nice pic, however I get ‘time’ more then mechanical when I look at this.

nice one dragon, really, though I liked more the small ‘iconed’ image than the real one.

Good image… but you need to lay off the bumpmapping allot… way way too much bump. Also, your textures are too clean. Lighting is too simple, and the image --I think-- should look more “dirty”.

Good job besides. Keep up the good work.

his style his unique indeed.

Now this one I like.
Possibly a little heavy on the nor but still a great render