Like Java? Here is a Pic...

(sp) #1

This is a year old picture that I would like to show off a little. I was pretty green to Blender when I did this, so maybe thats why I’m proud of it. Hey even a broken clock is rite twice a day. :smiley: here is the link…

Two (More Recent) links…

(rogerm3d) #2

Like your sitting room. Nice photorealism. But since when did paper float like that letter? :-?

(sp) #3

Thats funny…it does sort of have the Floating effect. It’s actually propped up against something on the table, but you cant see it. It lacks a LOT of relism in many regards. Some tools of Blender I’m not yet Farmiliar with. Like giving the paper a natural look. The pic was for print as a Birthday pic from Daughter to Daddy type thing. I wrestled a lot with FOV to fit the letter in which is readable in the printed version. Tough composition. Any tips on real looking paper are welcome. :slight_smile:

(blengine) #4

great pics! i was expecting to see a cup of joe in each though, i dunno wh, lol…yeah, sitting room looks great… just pretend theres a rock holding that letter up, no biggy =) very real looking

(basse) #5

go coffee!

(Dittohead) #6


That’s awesome.

I wish I was that good.

(sp) #7

Thanks guys for the good comments. I really had no idea that the “Old School” Blender heads would appreciate newbie work this way. Thanks!

(meestaplu) #8

Looks nice! Will you post another version that’s not so compressed? The extra download time would be well worth it.

(Pooba) #9

Nice! For a newbie, you’re really good!


(dreamsgate) #10

I love the coffee cup with flowers. You’re grasp of achieving realism is just awesome.

(sp) #11

Thanks again for the kudos guys. It’s always nice to have people whos opinions matter say something good about your work, sort of a fuzzy feeling. :smiley:

Sure thing… just let me know which ones.

(meestaplu) #12

Los Alamos looks decent the way it is compressed now. The sitting room could be a little less compressed, although it compressed fairly well. There is only one noticeable artifact in that one - near the chair.

There are a ton of artifacts in the coffee cup pic, though – it didn’t compress well at all. It would really benefit from being posted as a targa or other format that doesn’t use lossy compression.

(theeth) #13

I really like the coffee cup scene, the vapor effect is very good.

The table would benefit from a bump map, but that’s about it.

Good job on the other pics too.


(sten) #14

yay…I like the coffe scene !! :smiley:

/me likes coffe alot…

(sp) #15

I really need to pay more attention to my posts… :slight_smile: I forgot to check this one. Thanks again for the direction and comments. The sitting room and Los Alamos would be no prob to repost with less compression. The java pic… I’m afraid I lost the original when I made the mistake of loading XP on my pc. :frowning: since I’ve when ahead and grew a brain now… and checked the forum I’ll get to that a make a post.

(meestaplu) #16

Do you still have the textures for the java pic? I would like to remake it and see if I can do anything else (and see if I can make the steam). I have modeled a ton of random objects, but I have no cohesive use for them right now. They would be really good to import into a still life like the java pic.

Rendering the steam in Lightflow would be amazing…but I can’t really do that for another three weeks.

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Funny you should mention that. AFter I logged out of this forum the other day from writing my post I got all fired up about losing one of my favorites blends. Sooo I went hunting around and found on zip disk the Java scene before the meshes were complete and textures were added. I dont know why I bothered saving it so early in the scene. :slight_smile: Anyhow finally I started looking in to re-doing the picture Thankfully I backed up most of my textures till that point so I may be able to help you out there. I’ll make a post .[/quote]

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I meant to ask you if it would really take the steam three weeks to Render via Lightflow? Or if the three weeks was meant an other way. I dont know I havnt had the chance to use Lightflow and Honestly I can hardly wait till Eeshlo to finish the new script. Seeing all the examples of Lightflow renders with it’s accuracy your right the Java scene would be awesome. Let me go hunt for textures I’ll post a link by tomorrow. Take care.

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As best I can tell I have all but one texture for the scene, and I think finding that one is only a matter of browsing a CD of picture Archives. The link is Let me know how it goes! In the mean time… I’ll be working to finish on it as well per TEETH

and of course to improve on it. I’ve seasoned a little since this piece, kind of like to improve some things that I didnt know my way around before.

(meestaplu) #20

The steam wouldn’t take three weeks to render (unless you wanted it to, that is). I only said it would take three weeks because I didn’t have Lightflow up and running on the computers at Villanova, and I won’t be home for another three weeks. Now that Lightflow is working here, I will probably be able to do a Lightflow render some time in the near future.

I’ll start doing my version of the Java scene pronto.