Like my new page?

Blenderific is my page as a fan of blender. I have an album where you can upload pictures, and a host to host your .blend files. I just updated the homepage so check it out.

That’s quite amazing art. Perhaps I will submit something, when I get better.:smiley: Thanks for offering it to the community, it is a kind gesture.

Very clean site.
Main issue I have with it is that it isn’t clear which images were made by you and which weren’t. (also: did you ask permission to add those images?)

I thought of the image issue after the fact. :expressionless: The ones that are watermarked are mine and the ones that aren’t aren’t mine. I’ll have to start asking permission those are just ones I like and saved to my computer while browsing 3d sites over time. I hope It doesnt cause problems. Yes the site is very clean, html at it’s most basic haha

I would reccomend that you take down the images that aren’t yours until you get explicit permission to use them, otherwise any artists who aren’t as understanding as most elysiuners might get mighty pissed at you.

Well I got most of them on sites like, wallpaper sites, and the like so I assumed they were for public use but I can take them down if its a problem.

Also, any suggestions of things I should add? A links page maybe?

Ooooh…No. 1 in the gallery. Sweet As.

Registration on the album is now no longer necessary to upload your pictures. Members do get their own personal gallery though.