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Ok, I’ve used blender a lot in the past, and I just got a new computer after my last one died about a year ago, so I’m back at blender. But I’ve run into a little snag, if memory serves me correct, the shift key was used to pan. But witht eh new version of blender I have I can pan, shift doesn’t work, and I’ve tried everything else I can think of. Was teh key changed or is it a bug? Any help?

In the info window you can choose whether the MMB pans or rotates. Default, Shft-MMB pans and also Ctrl-NumPadArrows.


info window?

where it says file add etc. go to where that borders the 3d window and drag down. in there there are a lot of “unknown” options

still not seeing it…

wait, I got it, so I guess I have to switch every time I was to pan or rotate, that sucks, oh well, thanks anyway!

But you do know that you have to press Shift AND MMB to pan, don’t you?.
And there is no need to switch every time.

MMB rotates, Shift MMB pans (by default)

Man, you make me want to give you a slight smack on the forehead to make you calm down.

no, for some reason it doesn’t work, my MMB doesn’t work for some reason, I don’t know, it’s all strange.

Doesn’t work in general, or doesn’t work in Blender?

Have you tried a different mouse?

Also, what kind of mouse do you have? If you have more than 3 buttons, some mouse manufacturers tend to map the MMB to an unexpected button.

I remember installing Logitech MouseWare ™ enabled some ‘features’ that quickly made me uninstall it.