Likeness Capturing Box Modeling Master needed for tutorial videos

I can replicate the photo references for modeling in blender to a certain extent, but I need help in learning how to model the more refined details of my chosen references using only box modeling methods. I have a female reference with models for both that I started using the box modeling method, and if someone can make a video tutorial series of how to bring them both to a photo-real likeness using box modeling methodology only and (no hi res sculpting technniques), starting from the point in the process I have reached, up to have them fully modeled and textured, using only boxing modeling methodology with no hi-res sculpting I will compensate them to the order of $500.

I am currently practicing on a method that uses the hi res modeling workflow, but for this tutorial series I would like to use primary box modeling with sculpting(just not hi res dyna topo sculpting), since I am more familiar with box modeling purely methodology.

PM sent, thank you!