Likeness characters sculpt WIP

Hi, I currently working on some likeness characters of Asian actors/celebrities to learn more about characters, they are sculpted in Zbrush but make a lot of adjustments in blender because of the advantage of blender can edit the character white rendering in eeve, this gives me more direct feedback to adjust the character.

Although I think there is still a lot of space for improvement, But I think I can’t get a significant change in a short period. However, I still not very satisfy the hair and lighting. Especially the hair, I am very confused on how to make the blender hair system look right.

The female character is base on a Korean actor Krystal Jung, a very unique face that combines the feeling of beauty and cool.

The male character is base on Japanese actor Tamaki Hiroshi at his younger age (10 more years ago), one of the extra difficulties of this character is a lot of his old picture on the internet is not very clear, so I need to combine the low-res reference and his 40-year-old high-res reference to find the right feeling.

I have tried to make both characters look like the reference as much as possible, but the feeling is still not that right. I give a lot of tries on blender hair system, interpolated children get a lot of unexpected interpolated result especially the hairline between left and right side of hair even I split to two particle system and use texture, need to add more extra hair guide or higher parting value to fix, but high parting value will make hair look like some separate strip. Simple children have more straight forward control, but the hair looks like some separate clump.

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