Likeness modeling attempt [please critique]

This is my third attempt at sculpting a likeness, and the first one that’s good enough that I’m willing to share here. I think there’s something not quite right about it, but I’m not sure what.

The ears, neck, and back of the head are still rough and approximate. I’ve already laid out the secondary shapes for the face, though they need some refinement.

With quick fake hair for visualization:

References (these have varying amounts of retouching):

And a more diagnostic view:

Any suggestions/advice is welcome. Thanks!

Very nice. There’s a handful of things I notice, all pretty small. But before I even go there, what is the end game of this piece? also, is this dyntopo or multires? Are you planning to texture and light it?

It’s a dyntopo sculpt. As for the goal, I’d like to render a realistic portrait, so the plan is retopo, texturing, hair, rigging for expressions, etc. I may eventually make the rest of the body, but that’s a major project for later.

Right, well I mean it’s really solid as is, I’d move forward with the retopo. Have you used multi-res before?

OK, thanks. If there’s no major issues, I think I’ll finish the ears (just so I know I’ve got the shape) before I start on retopo.

I’ve used multi-res once before, back in the days before dyntopo. I was starting with a crude base mesh and trying to sculpt with a mouse, so it didn’t turn out very well.

Nice, but don’t get too worried about the ear, for one it’s usually covered. What I would do is retopo over it pretty chunky just getting good loops, even density and square quads, then use subd 2 and shrinkwrap and applying them, that gets you the same shape with god topology, and then use multires. You already have proper primary and secondary forms, so you can just jump down to like level 4 on multires and start putting in pores and crows feet.