Likeness Potrait Practice

(saikafu) #1

Hi there this is my latest personal work , it took me about 1.5 month free time (1~2 hr per day). hope you like itcheers

software use
texture:3Dcoat,Substance painter
render:Octane render

(Durast) #2

Absolutely stunning…nothing more to say for a newb like me. But such work is inspiring !

(the muslim) #3

Seems like Jean Claude van Damme! :slight_smile:

(avocadosallad) #4

Great work! Im not into this class of character modeling yet but from my point of view, it looks fantastic. Cheers

(James Candy) #5

Excellent work! Yes, I agree, the figure looks a lot like Jean-Claude Van Damme. Perhaps a bit older and heavier looking than I would expect, but still the features are close enough that we were able to identify him!

Textures and shading are very well done. Exceptional work, saikafu!

(ToshiCG) #6

Awesome portrait, instantly recognizable.
(I want your skill jealous lol)

(Nita) #7

Amazing… love the textures…

(saikafu) #8

thanks for all reply~~