likeness study

hi everyone,
i did a study about likeness today. a portrait of wellknown actrees. Sculpted using blender 2.70 with dyntopo enabled. I hope you guys recognize her. :slight_smile:


Great looking sculpt, Andri! She looks very familiar, but I can’t say with confidence that I can name her. Is it Liv Tyler?

Nope, she is Scarlett Johansson.

Well, something you caught, something not, the line of the mouth is right but the nose and the chin are too hard, not rounded enough, and in that smiling pose her cheeks should be more prominent (maybe).
And eyes should be slightly more low.

All in all it’s a good result, keep it up, from my experience, lets pass some time, then look at it again.


The middle image made me recognize, it is good, i just think you should work just a little bit more on her, you can go further :slight_smile:

James Candy : thank you, no, it’s not her .
sourvinos : yes, you’re right. :slight_smile: thank you, i’ll try your suggestion.
Brazil’s Master : thank you .

I couldn’t guess who it is but this is a very nice sculpt :slight_smile: I really like her face.