Lil' Frank, concept art by Tim Von Rueden

Hi there!

Just want share something that I did this weekend, about 6 hours working on this guy. It was sculpted using multires/Dyntopo, the base colors painted with vertex colors and the rest of the texturing was done in the materials, rendered in Cycles using Pro-Lighting Skies. Based on the on concept art of Tim Von Rueden.

Timelapse of the sculpting.


Cute li’l scrapper (heh). You’ve preserved the concept art extremely well, I’d like to see multiple views.

chipmasque, thanks for the comment, I’m glad you like it.


Here is a little bit of my texture breakdown, for the skin I basically painted the main colors in Vertex Paint mode, I also used the Pointiness modifier to bring more of the wrinkles and sculpt details and the noise is for the skin bump.

I create the color of the eyes using a Gradient Spherical Texture and with the ColorRamp, after that I added another Spherical Gradient black and white and mixed using the blend mode Soft Light to bring that warm color around the eyes. On top of that I created a fake shadow using another Gradient Texture, to increase the shadow between the eye and eyebrows.