lil' girl, sylised/cartoony that is..

so, uhh, yeah, ive been using bebraws ‘monster build’ for a while now as it has the tweak mode patch in it, and just started randomly shaping some bloby thing in it and saw a shape of a hat in it so thats how it got started, feel free to crit. away(though i know theres not lots to comment on yet).

The… variable density… of polygons (I presume those are subsurfaced)… between the flower, the… bobbin, and… everything else… disturbs me.

The back of the head is strange, even for a cartoon. I think it could benefit from the whole head being shoved forward a might.

Looks very Nickelodeon insofar as it looks like anything so far; Although it could be Jimmy from Ed, Edd, and Eddy, too :stuck_out_tongue:

Like you say, not much to comment on yet… But! The torso could use a tweak or two: specifically the rib cage - while she should have ribs, they should not extend down as far as they do. This is most noticeable in the side view.

I will be most interested in how the head develops.

thanks for the input, heres some little progress, if you can call it that… :slight_smile:

i know the legs are totally wrong, but feel free to crit away on them anyway… :slight_smile:

heres the .blend file if your interested: download (right click and save as)
(don’t ask about the file name though) :smiley:

Never in my life have I seen such gratuitous use if the word “stylized.” Aren’t all models “stylized.” I mean, there created with each persons unique style. Just seems strange to me. Nice start though.

heh, guess so… though for some reason i like the word Stylized a bit more… :RocknRoll:

Throw some feet on there so we’s can get an idea where the knees should go. Even if they are temporary, they’ll help you out with the legs.

Also, don’t forget to rotate the arm some before putting the hands on (to emulate the muscle flow… :P)