Lil Lasso Thing Confuse me!

When u left click and hold it makes that lil line when u move, what is if for?
Can i select Vertecies and faces with it?

If so please tell me how!

It doesn’t do anything yet as far as I know but has always been there. Unless of course you first press K to activate the knife tool.

It’s called a gesture. a sort of mouse hotkey. if you hold the lmb and draw a straight line it’s like pressing [g], if you lmb and draw a circle it is the same as pressing [r]. There are more I think but I can’t find them in the docs. Anybody?

yes I think they have been there from the begining…

works for scaling to …

just have a object selected and make a quick move left/right <–/--> and the object will be scaled…

and if above but with MMB direct after that object will be scaled in that direction only :slight_smile:

It is in the doc too, “reference”