lil softbody animation nothing too great

trying out animation, had a play around with softbodys and UV mapping (though, only basic) C&C welcome =)

Nice simple animation looks cool.

That would look really cool if you make it look like someone droped it. And when it hits the “floor” it decompresses and then shatters. In slowmotion of course.

i was thinking just a pin poping it and it slowly deflate like it does would be funny. pritty cool animaatesion thx for sharing

Hay,Thats pretty kool.Must be difficult to crack that. :wink:
Btw;I think i was attacked by that same Egg while in New tell me.

I’d say it’s more “slick” than “cool”

Pity the whole scene seems quite dark…Why don’t you re-render it raising lights a bit?

As for the idea and skills I was impressed. I loved it.