lil' test on yeti

Hi everyone,

Here is a quick test of fur on a yeti:
made with an edited version of fiber generator v2.03 (RipSting).
thanks to him!
200.000 vertices
130.000 faces
5 Spots (2 Spots with shadow map)

Anim here (divX)
(file called testanimsoft_0001_0080.avi, wait few seconds to access files…)


Very nice! What kinda rendertimes did you have? Is the updated fiber gen using the new 2.40 features?

I noticed on the anim that his knees have a little “wobble” in them right at the beginning. Did you use envelope armatures? (I was thinking maybe the hand bones were influencing the knees right at the very beginning… not sure… I may be whacked out… /me slinks quietly back to my dark corner :wink: )

Aww he looks so soft I’d just wanna hug him! Marvelous work!

WOW! looks good. I’ll have to ressurect my Rudolph rendering for that snow monster.

Aye, thats what comes to mind here also.

…just remember, “Bumbles bounce!” :smiley:

Great work mate!!

Very nice! What kinda rendertimes did you have?

7h for 80 frames with:
-P3 600 :x

  • unified render (without unified, there’s a bug in z buffer or whatever, but some fibers disappear).
    -OSA 5
    -a bit raytraced for eyes

Is the updated fiber gen using the new 2.40 features?

What? Where did you find new 2.4 features?? :o :frowning:
I use 2.03 find on, in which I’ve had functions for auto-creating bone influences and soft body vertex group, so i just have to create base mesh with good vertex groups (his hands didn’t influence knee ^^) and create fibers and parent them to armature…

However, there’s a lil’ problem with knee animation. But it was a quick test, with quick droped keys and so on…

No parenting link with Rudolph :wink:
Even his beard can make every yetis jalous :stuck_out_tongue:

Your link doesn’t seem to work for me. :< I want to see your guy in action, he looks impressive.

Put the animation on or some other host! I really want to see the aniamtion too!

here is the repertory url.
file name: testanimsoft_0001_0080.avi

sorry about that…

Really nice job! ALthough it would be nice if the fur moved when he moved at certain points, but I have no idea how this would be done in blender.