Lilies - update #1 (bottum pg. 1)

This work is pure blender except for minor pp. It got AO, Area lamp, ramp shaders, uv mapping the used LSCM and zblur plug-in. to model the flowers I used dupliframes wich, every time I use, seems as a awesom modeling tool. what else? that’s it I think.

C&C are as always very wellcome.

                Thanks in advance Aner.

Brilliant @ner, i love the colours!

Not bad at all :stuck_out_tongue: !
The only thing for me to comment, since asked, is the thickness of the petals (colored leaves) and that the inside thingies (anthers) and their filaments do not join each other as smoothly as my eyes would want to
(like the filaments would widen a bit before joining the “anther”).

see here about the names “anther” and “filament” and “petal”

I think the petals look paper thin and in fact, the flowers look like paper flowers - but they are beautiful regardless.

You’ve made them appear so wonderfully delicate and precious.
I really like them.


Nice render @ner.

I agree about the thickness of the petals though.


I must say that I like it alot… and it would be even nicer if you’d fill up the background with more nature-stuff…

well, according to youre crits (some of them anyway) and according to my feeling with the pic I’ve updated it. So here you go:

tell my what you think.

          thanks in advance - Aner.

p.s - it’s amazing how fast posts are moving down in this section.

now that are great lilies

i like that glow and new texture…

Good work mate.
keep up.

That’s what I’m talkin’ BOUT! :smiley:

That is one hell of an improvement and I already liked the flowers to begin with.

These look much more like real lillies.



Great improvement @ner. Looks great now.


thanks all.

they look more like tulips but hey! %|

i like it! :smiley:

Woah! how did you do those textures???

That is excellent!
You should e-mail the blend file to [email protected] so it can be posted in the models section.

Fantastic! The same question I asked Robertt, where did you learn all that?

Wow~ :o (just can’t resist saying that. )

great work!


Very realistic and very nice, the shadowed areas of the inner parts look a little dark though.