Lilith (wip)

Hello guys!. This is my first post in the forum.
Super exited to be part of the blender comunity
Want to share a work in progress I’ve been doing it this week
Sculpture in zbrush, textures in substance painter and render in Blender cycles
I was really impresed with how good blender was and hope to keep doing more projects whit it and add it to my workflow
Any feedback is appreciated


Oh, this looks really nice! It’s a really awesome image.

Here are some general thoughts, I’m not sure what you were intending or what you are still working on so I won’t go into to much detail.

The shirt fabric has a more vinyl / plastic look to it and it kind of stands out against the soft skin. Not sure if this was intentional but something with a more ‘fabric’ feel might help the image.

I know it’s a WIP but it’s pretty noisy. Have you used the de-noise data on your final images? It can really help with the noise and let you keep the samples pretty low although it can soften the image a little. Worth looking into, anyway.

The horns and the rest of the skin seem to have a very similar level of subsurface scattering. Again, not sure if this is intentional. Actually it kind of gives the horns a soft fleshy feel to them.

The only other thing that stands out to me are the eye lashes. They seem a bit too thick and not too hair-like.

Hope those can help! Again, this is a really cool image, take everything I said as loose suggestions/ideas…

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it
Yes it is still a work in progress, right now I’m working on the sss and the skinshader in general, the eyelashes are just placeholders
For the fabric it was intentional the metal/plastic feel but it might worth revisiting it.
I’m using a AMD card at the moment and rendering on the cpu because of that. I tried the cpu denoising options but it didn’t give me great results, I need to figure out how to do it properly.
Anyway thanks for the feedback again! I’ll be uploading more work in progress here.

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Looking forward to any updates.

Here’s a short video that shows you the set up for using the denoising data in the compositor.

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Thanks Jeffry! Gonna check it out

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More progress for this lady
Fixed the sss and reworked the texture maps in substance painter

@JeffrySG thanks man for showing me the denoiser options it changed it all!


Wow, it really took the noise way down! I really like the face paint on the update.

It’s finished now :slight_smile:


To me, her skin still needs work – it seems to have textures that are too-similar to those of her horns. The “catch-lights in the eyes” tell me that you don’t intend her to be a statue – which, of course, is another entirely-valid way that you could go with this . . .

P.S.: "Always(!) make a woman look good!" :smiley: