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Hey! I’ve been feeling really demotivated to make 3D art lately, being 6 months since I made something substantial. In that time my list of things that I want to make has only been increasing.

For quite some time I wanted to post my work here but I’ve always been shy to do it, but now I think it will be a good way to keep me motivated!

So to start off, today I have completed the blockout of an enemy from Sonic Mania, the Heavy Gunner. This is mostly simple primitives to get a feeling of the proportions:


Heya! here’s another update

Modeling is almost done, since I’ll do both a image render and a animated version for sketchfab, I’m using a subdiv workflow so I can change the polycount accordingly.
There’s still the gloves and some other small things to do. I’ve noticed that speed isn’t my strongest skill cause I took almost an hour just to model the head part :smile:

This HBH star badge was made using the openVDB addon and then decimated. It is a real time saver for more complex shapes, in this case the letters engraved in the star.


Decided to participate in this year Sculpt January. I’ve done some sculpts before, but sculpting has always been my weakness, so this is good to get me out of my comfort zone.

I’ll also post my sculpts on sketchfab if anyone wants to check it out. :blush:


One of my favorite projects so far, done for day 3 of sculpt january - nervous. Took me a good amount of time, so now i’m behind the challenge schedule :crying_cat_face:

3D view on sketchfab


Day 4 - Rigid. Made a tree trunk like muscular character

3d view on sketchfab


you do nice work !

why noone ever posted on your work since 30days ? :confused:

Forget about beeing shy :stuck_out_tongue: the community here is pretty nice and will help you if you need it.
And might give you some advices for enhancing your results and help with many more things.

I use blender since now 12+ years and each day i discover new things :wink:

happy blending !

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Hey thank you so much! I appreciate your comment.

I’ve been using Blender for some years too, and I definitely agree that there’s always something new to learn :smiley:


Day 5 - Procrastinate. I Iike ants :ant:


Day 6 - Darkness. It’s Sereth from Dust: an Elysian Tail, a game I had a lot of fun playing and I really enjoyed the artstyle.

3D view on Sketchfab


Day 7 - Bones. I almost gave up on this one, but in the end I think it turned out alright (still took me forever…)

3D view on Sketchfab


Amazing !!!

I wish it were an eagle for helping me rigging mine :wink:

Nice work @Lillya !!!

EDIT: i got hard time to imagine my kitty is just like this :stuck_out_tongue: lolz

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Thank you!!

Yeah they look so different with all their muscles and fur on them. :grin:

Also when I was sculpting it, I had kind of a real life reference as my cat sat right beside my monitor :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Day 8 - Liquid. (slime can be considered a liquid, right?)

edit: I just noticed now that her right hand is inverted… let’s just say that it was a genetic error during its creation ok :shushing_face:

3D view on Sketchfab


Just out of curiosity, when you say these took you a long time, how long is a long time? I really like your work. The composition is really well done. How long have you been doing 3d work? Cause I’d love to make things this good some day!

Thanks a lot!

By long time I mean about 4 to 6 hours per day, and some taking two days to make, which in the sense of the Sculpt January challenge (one sculpt per day) is a lot of time spent. You can see that I’m really behind the schedule (day 15 and I’m doing day 9 now).

I’ve started doing random 3D stuff around late 2015. In mid 2017 I started to take it more seriously and improved more on the hard surface area. Now in this year I’m focusing on more organic stuff such as characters creation.

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Day 9 - Tragic. Took a bit different approach and sculpted the character already posed without symmetry, except for the face. I used a lattice to accentuate the pose a bit and it worked pretty well.

3D view on Sketchfab


Day 10 - Old.

I had a bit of an emotional shift while doing this one… Yesterday when I started I wasn’t feeling well, which is why I didn’t finished that day. Today when I resumed I was very unmotivated and just wanted to get done with it, then I took a break and when I came back to do the cloth folds and adjust some details I got pleased with how it was turning out and had no problem finishing it. :relieved:

3D view on Sketchfab


Day 11 - Work. The Dung Beetle gotta be one of my favorite insects :beetle:

3D view on Sketchfab


I love insects ^^

What about makin it a bit more ‘hairy’ ?

Or mebe you want to keep your artistic ‘toon touch’ ? :wink:

Happy blending !

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I think adding hair would look good, but I’m trying to focus mostly on the sculpting for these models. Also I never really made a project with hair in blender so I’d need to experiment with that too.

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