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Haha I know. I have one and the fancier modes are very distracting. :grin:
I use it on single color mode and it helps with visibility, and the lights can be turned off too if you want.

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Hello. This sketchbook has been gathering dust for a while now, but unfortunately it’s because I have been lacking all motivation for doing art in recent times :frowning_face:

Still, there’s some experiments I’ve done out of boredom, so I felt like posting then here.

Trying to understand better the relationship between lighting intensity and the camera exposure value. For some reason I never tried to change the camera exposure before and I’ve always used HDRI’s at a very low strength, resulting in a very unnatural lighting.
I used (and really recommend) the addon Photographer to adjust the camera settings. The HDRI is from HDRI Haven.

A hair simulation and shading experiment. Nothing special, just a Principled BSDF with the metallic value set to 0.95 and a simple color gradient. Rendered in Eevee with alpha hashed.

Not really Blender related, but I’ve done some materials in Substance Designer trying to get better with it. Rendered in Cycles with adaptive subdiv for the displacement maps.

And that’s it. Hopefully I’ll get the motivation to get back at making art soon!


Well if its any motivation for you I think your character sculpts are superb, especially the animals. Keep going not everybody has that natural talent.

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I’m slowly getting back into art :slight_smile:
In the past months I’ve been trying to do environments and big landscapes, but I’ve come to realize that that kind of art is not my thing, I don’t have the knowledge in how to make then and I wasn’t getting any joy from it either. Maybe in the future I go back to it with a fresh mind.
For now, I want to go back to what I enjoy the most in 3d art, making characters and hard surface assets.

This week I made these little shrooms, sculpted and vertex painted, and I gotta say, I can’t wait for the new vertex paint system in Blender, because the old system is very outdated, both in performance and in usability. :grin:

Rendered in Cycles and denoised. Final touch-up in Krita.


nice to see you back with some new things :smiley:

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Working on a stylized sword. Base highpoly pretty much done, now I’ll start sculpting the details.


Sword update, I’m almost done with sculpting, I’m gonna remake the handle and maybe add some extra details in others parts too.

Pretty much all parts where sculpted with multires, so I did cleanup all the meshes so the density was as evenly as possible.


Clay render of the lowpoly with the baked normal map.

I did some tests to see what was the best approach to texturing. I baked all the maps on Substance but I didn’t wanted to texture in it, mostly for performance reasons but I also don’t like the brush system in Painter very much.
I tried using Krita to paint the sword, but the performance was even worse for this kind of workflow, and the lack of 3D painting is a big let down too.
I think I’ll go with Substance after all, but I really wish Blender had a more robust workflow for baking and painting textures.


This sword is done! Always a good feeling completing a project, I learned quite a bit about sculpting hard surface objects as well as hand painting textures. Obviously there’s a lot that I could have improved here, like a more defined type of damage for the different materials, and more detail / contrast for the colors.

For the texturing workflow, I actually ended using both programs. I painted the sword in Krita, and on Substance I fixed the seams and added some overlays for more detail.

3D view on Sketchfab


I think it’s a nice result for this sword that could ( mebe except for its polygon count ) take place in a video game :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work @Lillya !

Happy blending !

Thank you Pitibonom!

This sword is actually meant to be used in games, the polycount is high since I wanted to have a clear silhouette and there’s a lot of curved surfaces.
From what I know, rendering polygonal meshes has come a long way, GPUs can handle millions of vertices without much trouble nowadays. This sword also has 3 different LODs so it can be optimized when it’s further from the view.

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i saw a model star at the beginning and desided to make it fast as possible with clean topology. First I modeled for subsurf and made difference boolean with text. after remeshed it in zbrush with polygroups by angle and hard edges preservation with half vertex count from original model, after again in blender, mark sharp edges as sharp and after bevel modifier by weight.

Does anybody know how to do all the things only in blender and to get clean quad result for bending?

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Hey this looks like an good attempt!

As for making it entirely in Blender with clean topology, I don’t really know the best approach, you would probably need to retopologize it by hand after doing the boolean. The quadriflow remesher in Blender is just not good.

But honestly, I wouldn’t bother having a clean topology for an object like this. The way that I approach modeling is that, as long as the shading looks correct and the mesh is not going to be animated, I don’t care if the topology is messy.

For the star that you did it is the same, The shading looks fine so I don’t see the need for cleaning the topology. The one that I’ve made I just remeshed with the voxel remesher and it was good enough for me.

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I’m participating on Sculptember for the first time!

On the beginning of this year I tried doing the Sculpt January, but as it shows above, I gave up halfway onto the entries. I wasn’t being focused enough to complete the sculpts in time, and I was treating them like full projects instead of practice pieces. Some of them took me multiple days to make, when I should’ve been doing one sculpt per day.

This time I’m trying my best to focus on sculpting and not spent much time polishing or doing fancy renders.


Day 6 to 10 entries. Yes I know I’m late, I haven’t sculpted on multiple days but I’m trying to be more consistent.

I also got a new drawing tablet! I used it on the lion sculpt and it feels a lot nicer to control the strokes with the bigger drawing area.