My next project
I hope you like it:)

that looks awesome. I can’t wait to see it with materials

Agreed, this looks really interesting.

looks good, il be around

Nice, we don’t see flowers that much in 3D.
Good job, will follow too.

thanks all

little progress

wow, it looks good, are you using internal?


textures almost done

Wow, your textures rocks!
I just feel the green parts (sorry, not know the English name of it lol) leaks a bit of specularity, or maybe ambient occlusion (if any) to be a bit too strong.
Tell us, you used some pictures right :wink: ?
It looks really nice. Isn’t there some hdri environment?
Can you give some details of your scene setup? It’s always interresing to learn good light setups.
Nice job again.

Very nice kellyq, textures coming along, but what I really like is the juxtaposition of the lines of the flowers and the torso vase. A good foundation, looking forward to a finished piece!

wow This is really good stuff. JUST BEAUTIFUL…i really like it.:smiley:

I add basic scene , also I was played around with node editor

Are the cloth folds in the background modeled, or done with a cloth sim? either way, very well done.

This is reeeally beautiful! I could spend all day staring at it, looks very realistic. :slight_smile:

I’d also like to know more about how you did the background.

looks amazing, whats your light setup?

background it’s a texture mapet to Win

light setup- I’m using 3 area light and hdr image fo rlighting

final image

Very good choice of colors and brilliant lighting. The only thing that I could crit is the slight aliaising at the bottom of the stand (hope it’s the right word) - where the spec is the brightest.

5* from me nonetheless,
Greetings, Robert

the master of modeling (and texturing) returns!
excellent work

Beautiful work!