Lily.She is my first women original character.
7 day to finish.
Cycles 440 sample.5 minute with
Hope you like.

thank you.


(This picture was rendered by Vray for Cinema4D)

a pity noone replied so far, since this is a wonderful first female character!
i like the mood you created, and the hair is very nice. the pose is evoking, really well chosen. the sculpting looks good too, generally. you forgot to sculpt the collarbone, this is why the transition from neck to torso is not correct looking. the mouth corner could need a little tweak, it is too pointed. i think the skin shader is a tad too waxy, but i do not know if you went for a more realistic shader or stylized. in the latter case it is fine, i think…
keep up the good work! i am looking forward to more sculpts from you.


Great work but you need to work on the corner of the mouth

Wow! I absolutely love this! She is so beautiful! I don’t know if you based this off an actual person or not, because it’s hard to come up with an original face!

doris : thank you so much xD this very helpful
sonofpat : Yeah I have to work on it more
WillWehrli : She is base on my imagine.She not base on any person xD.Real person only using for textures and poses reference
(But I create her in The Sims 3 before, is it count? hehe)

Nice work for your first character! not much i could give in ways of advice as i think doris covered everything :slight_smile:

She kind of reminds me of someone :wink: