Limit GPU usage while rendering

Hello everyone.

I have problems to continue working while my computer is rendering with GPU. The rendering process is too heavy on resourde demanding. I searched for an answer to this problem and the solution I found was sadly always the same: use a separate graphics card for display.

I know when rendering CPU we can limit the number of threads. But is there a way to do something similar when rendering with GPU?

Thanks and sorry for my English.

CTRL SHIFT ESC, find blender, rightclick, and set the priority to a lower value.

if ur using windows 8.1 or windows 10, then you have to go to Details, in order to change the priority value.

Nice trick, but I have not explained well, meant to continue working with Blender, modeling, working with nodes, etc.

Probably you have your computer’s display using GPU. So when you are rendering with GPU other windows are laggy, you can set your computer’s display to use CPU, you have to go into advanced BIOS settings and change it. It’s different for every mother board.

i think you can do that from nvidias control panel aswell, at least you can on laptops.

Hi, there is no way to reduce a Cuda device with Windows settings or Driver settings.
You can do this in a Cuda application like Cycles but it is not implemented atm…
@finalbarrage, hi, is it a performance setting?

Cheers, mib

Thanks for the help. My computer uses an AM3 + processor so without integrated GPU I can not do that. I guess we’ll have to wait until the feature is implemented in Cycles.