Limit Location Constraint in metric is clamped between -1m, 1m?

Today I discovered a limit in the value I can assign as the low and high values for Limit Location constraint, in my metric units scene.

Perhaps I’m using an older version of bender. I have quit and reopened blender, and used a new file instead of my working file, and in all cases, there is no way I can apply a Limit Location constraint where the value is beyond -1m through +1m.

I have to move the entire geometry around in the world space to resolve this, unless someone can advise me something good to do.


I don’t see this. Please supply an example blend file.

Hi Richard, thanks for responding.
The version of blender I have been using until this morning is 2.69, so I checked for a new version before responding…

This bug-like behaviour as I described also happens in 2.71. Why you don’t see this is because your scale is (I expect) 1.0. I have set mine to 0.001, millimetres.

Attached is a file that demonstrates this quirky bug behaviour.

The Limit Location constraint is setup on the X axis, and I positioned a 1x1 cm box with its origin at 1m,0,0. Try to adjust the Maximum X value beyond 1m. You should find it constrained to 1m, which makes no sense to me.


blender-limit-location-constraint-flaw-demonstration.blend (480 KB)