limit on material or color

is there a limit on the number of color you can put in the material list
or a quantity of material may be 256 or more?
i saw a list of colors names and there is around 200 or more
but we don’t have access to these colors in the color window only RGB values
but i got a problem remembering 200 some X 3 values of RGB for the color i want
unless someone knowes another way to selecct colors!


You can temporarily save colours in the colour picker (up to about 16 colours i think)

To the right of the Saturation/Brightness selector box there are 16 little colour swatches. you can press Ctrl+LMB click to save a colour into one of those boxes. as long as Blender is open these will be available to apply to other materials. But unfortunately these colours are not saved with the .Blend file.

I create a gradient with all the colours i want saved, then i can quickly repopulate the picker menu and choose colours again later.

I don’t think it really answered your question, but it is a workaround. Otherwise there is no easy way to do it except printing out the RGB values of the colours you wish to use for a project and converting them to a value out of 1 (the thing i fall back to)


you can have an unlimited amount of materials in your blend file, each a different color.

@Alltaken: Can I ask if that palette could be saved in the .blend file? I just wrote Color Management yesterday for the wiki, and it seems to me that it would be excellent if you could set up those 16 color presets to the project, and not have to do the load-set thing every time you open the .blend. Would that be a lot of work?

here is the site for reference of color have a look and dream

i tried to upload a background pic with some of the color from that site but the eyedropper does not wok on a backgorund image - thats’s frustrating

i hope they come up with more pre-define colors that would be a lot easier like in spreadsheet a least 64 pre-define colors that wuold give a better choice faster instead of running after another palette of color to get the RGB values


i cjanged one of my viewport to UVIMAGE but what do you put there
load up a pic with color - it ried it and the eyedropper doesn not pick any color ?


Just keep that page open in a browser. It’s got the rgb (and hex and hsv) numbers right there!

if you are trying to follow the color management page I just wrote, yes, you load up a pic. click on a Material color swatch and the Sample button to get the eyedropper. When you click on a color in the UV/Image editor, the current color will change to the sample. It really does.

something to dream for blender
i good color picker - see pic


i know with the RGB i can put it in the color popup window
but not very efficient and fast!

i tried the loaded color pic in the UV editor in one of my viewport but i cannot make the eyedropper pick up a color it doesnot change anything (see the color in the viewport )

don’t know what’s the secret there ?
note: may be du to the driver error cause of the G31/G33 chipset
this is not settled yet - and i have a few thing that does not work well yet
hope they settle this driver soon!


i did make it work on certain shade of pale brown color but most of the time it gives a black color instaed of the color i put the eyedropper on ?

anybody has an explanation for this strange behavior ?

the eyedropper seems to be worling only in the right pasrt of the front viewport

see pic

what thing’s color are you trying to change? A material color, a texture color, the ambient color, the zenith color…? I need to see that panel as well.

i’m using 4 viewports to look at the scene
i loaded up a background picture in the front viewport and on the right you see the UV viewport

i snipped the screen so i tried to keep it small in size- i can always try to make larger but i don’t think blender accept it it’s too large there is a limit of size for upoad!