Limit rotation on Armature: influence slider only fully 1 or 0.

I’m making a new rig where I’m limiting the rotation of the FK knee so that it only bends in the X (forward and back) direction. I’ve noticed that when “for transform” is active and I apply a driver to the influence (e.g. a slider so that I can turn the influence on or off) is not as expected. A limit rotation of 0.5 does not make the knee “half stiff” but the function appears to work more like binary - either fully on or fully off. Getting rid of “for transform” fixes this to some degree but I want to keep my gimbles clean, especially as cumulative rotations are going to cause twisting issues when using an IK/FK switch.

If I rotate the FK joint and then slide the influence of the limit rotation constraint, then the bone smoothly slides in and out of alignment as expected. It’s when I first have influence, and then try to move the bone that the problem occurs.

Is this a bug? It seems to me that the influence slider should be consistent. What kinds of work arounds should be used? duplicate bone and copy rotation?