"Limit Selection to Visible" won't select anything

When I choose the “limit selection to visible” option, I can’t select anything. I’ve tried the ctrl LMB, right clicking, the b button, and every other variety of selecting. When I turn it off, selecting works fine, but of course stuff on the other side of my object that I don’t want selected gets selected. Does anyone else have this problem, or better yet a solution for it?

I’m running Ubuntu. This is my second time running through the tutorials, the first being about a year ago during which time I was using Windows XP. I seem to remember having the same problem, so I’m sure it’s something simple, but after a week of struggling with it, I can’t proceed with coloring my di in “Di Another Way” without it.

Thanks for any help any of you can offer.

It sounds like a Video Card problem and is probably something as simple as turning down Hardware Acelleration or updating the Driver for your card.


You, or anyone else, wouldn’t happen to know how to do either of these things with Unbuntu, would you? I’m running a Dell Optiplex GX260 and couldn’t get any driver updates to run and I have been looking and not finding how to turn off hardware accelleration. I’m a Ubuntu beginner too and I’m doing pretty good with finding things on my own with it except when it comes to hardware configurations.

You could try to use static build (Mesa, emulated). http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/

It is slower than dynamic one but it might fix the issue.

This problem appears to be from several months ago.
Yet I am having it now.

When the ‘Limit selection to visible’ button is on I can’t select anything.

Actually this is weirder because a couple months ago I used blender and the ‘Limit selection to visible button’ made it select the opposite; vertices, faces, etc.
For example choosing selection of the trunk of an elephant would choose tail vertices etc.
Now that I’m trying Blender again the ‘Limit selection to visible’ is selecting nothing.

Try turning down Hardware Acelleration in Control Panel, Display Properties.


Thanks Fligh. That sounds like a good idea. Your directions sound like they are for Windows, and I am using Ubuntu/Linux. I have looked all over my desktop menus and have not found anything that can adjust hardware acceleration.

If any one can tell me how to change the hardware acceleration in Ubuntu I would appreciate it. Thanks.