Limit texture paint to selected faces ... (blender 2.46)

I would like to refine a texture mapped to a 3D model: how can I limit the action of texture paint in the UV editor to a subset of faces of the complete model? even if I select a subset of them, when I turn on the brush, it paints on everything :frowning:

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I think you have to Hide the faces you do not want to paint. To do so, make sure you are in Texture Paint mode, press F for Face select, Select the faces you do not want to paint and press H to hide them. Now, you will only See / Paint the non-hidden faces. To unhide the other faces press Alt-H.

Unfortunately, this would be great if it did work but the process only hides the faces - if you watch the paint effects in the uv image editor while you are using texture paint, you will see spillover into the hidden faces. I see a Mask option connected to ‘F’ there in the header, but have yet to find a way to mask an area off in texture paint.

If I am wrong, I would really appreciate the correction to this.

Here is what the wiki says on the subject:

Face Painting: By default, you will be painting the whole mesh and it will look solid. RMB clicking will pick up the color from the mesh at that point. To only paint part of the mesh, press F in 3D View to highlight the UV/Face edges. The faces of the mesh will be outlined for you using the red-green edges in the 3D View, and if you have Shadow Mesh enabled in the UV/Image Editor, the UV Layout will also be shown as a gray outline in the UV/Image Editor window. Now, RMB will select a face, and Shift RMB will select multiple faces. To only paint part of the mesh, press H to Hide the selected Faces when in Texture Paint mode. Just like when editing a mesh, doing a Border select with the LMB button selects only certain faces. Doing a Border select with the RMB button excludes those faces from the selected set of faces.
Selecting some faces and pressing H Hides them from view and thus painting. It also continues to hide them during textured viewport shading in Object view. During your painting session with F active, or in UV Face Select Mode, Alt H un-hides them. Unfortunately, H and Alt H don’t do anything when you are not in this face-select sub-mode (because there aren’t faces ‘selected’).

After some testing what I find is that if you start painting on a visible face and continue that same stroke past the visible edge to where a hidden face is, the hidden face does receive the color. However, if you start a new stroke where a hidden face is you get no color. So the wiki is about half right I guess.

Interesting, DichotomyMatt, thank you for going the extra distance to test this. I tried your suggestion and indeed it does work if you come in from off the face with the brush. Maybe the wiki could be abridged to say that - it would definitely help me with my detail work where I want to define dirt lines and greasy dips along a selected face area for mechanical work.

I think Papa Smurf would say “you have earned a cookie” , and I think it should be chocolate chip :slight_smile:

LOL, Been a while since I got a cookie. I ran the test, because I had tried it before and thought it worked. Since, it didn’t work for you I knew something was off. Maybe PapaSmurf or one of the other guys with Wiki editing magic, will pick up on this.