Limit the length of a curve object?

I’m trying to use Blender to virtually organize cables at my computer desk. How do I get curves to lock at specific lengths that the cables would be like 4 feet or 10 feet? Or is there a better way of making a cable with a specific length and I’m going about it the wrong way?

Hmmmm… a curve modifier would not just bend the cable but also transform the length (and only simple transform/bend is not enough)… i thing for this you have to subdivde a line and only rotate every single edge to not change the length… IDK if any CAD app does have such a feature.

Curve modifier shouldn’t necessarily affect length, I think, as long as Stretch option is off.
But the curve itself will be either longer or shorter than the cable object, so one might need to eyeball it. It will be just an approximation this way.

If you take and add a single vertex and extrude to the length…convert to a curve and add the extrude geometry in your curve tab…you will have an exact length…set as @StrayBillie said and turn off Stretch option as well as turn on Bounds Clamp…it should remain the length…as long as you don’t take and grab a vertex and move it around…
Add a Bezler curve and set it to the shape you need and set it as your Curve Object in a Curve Modifier…

What :thinking: ? Oh yes indeed, the stretch option… in the curve object itself … thanks i learnt something new :star_struck: never used this :rofl:

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