Limit to particle emitter size?

Is there a limit to how small a particle (fluid) emitter can be and still work? I have a character that I want to have a nosebleed with a particle fluid emitter. This means I have to make the emitter fit inside the nostril, which is very small. No matter how I put the settings, the particles are all over the place, and they go beyond the emitter object, making them too big.

Here is a picture of the size in relation to the default grid (the orange dot is the emitter). Is there any way to get a smooth, liquid from this size?

Can you scale down the size of the particles as well?

I can by using the “Size” slider in the particle settings, but the smallest seem to be 0.001 and with this size I am unable to get any sort of realistic particles because everything is flying all over the place.

Can you type in lower numbers?

To be honest - I’m not sure if this is the best way to go about animating a nodebleed at all… are you going for realism or an anime splat? If realism, I’d look at creating an animated texture.

I use particle systems a lot of my time for “sprayer” like simulations, and the random motions you’re talking about is typical of particle systems, so I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be using particle systems for your nose-bleed. Although I’ve never worked with them, I think you would be better off with metaballs.