limitate the rotation on an axis

like is possible to limit the velocity of an object or lock the loc or the rotation (in the advanced panel in the logic panel) is possible to lock the objeect’s rotation when it exceeds, for example, 30 degrees??

note that the rigid body can be rotated using physic and not logic bricks, so we can’t (i think) use tricks with logic bricks… bye and thanks :smiley:

The constraint actuator.

Man the user of that website uses an awful color scheme for his Blender…

thanks, but i dont understood how can i use it: watch please the attached file, and try to lock the rotation of the green object, to do that it can rotate only for 10 degrees… thanks much…


constraint.blend (148 KB)

hey, please, someone can help me? it isnt very difficult… thanks :smiley: