Limitations in existing Blender features you would like to see resolved.

To note, this thread is not going to be a place where people request entirely new features or tools, just the limitations currently seen in existing features that you would like to see removed.

I also think it may not be that productive to talk about some of the very obvious ones that we know exist, but will take a major undertaking to resolve (like the different simulation tools being fully integrated with each other), we’re talking more in the vein of what can be done for 2.69 even if work was to begin now.

My top picks.

-Proportional editing currently cannot be used when transforming with the ‘individual centers’ mode, allowing this would allow for much faster modeling in cases where you need to taper out a number of peaks in an object because it’s a slow process doing it one at a time.

-The new bridge tool does not have any utility for bridging multiple loops at once, this is more or less the only reason I still use the Looptools bridge in some cases, get this done and I think we may be at the point where the bridge component of that addon can be removed.

-The bricks node in Cycles is almost useless for bumps at the moment, but I don’t see it being very difficult to say, replace the function that draws the rectangles with one that draws rectangular gradients (which would then allow many different beveling possibilities with additional nodes).

-The ability to use the ‘saw’ gradient was completely removed from Cycles a couple of years ago, adding this back to the newer wave texture would allow for truly photorealistic wood texture generation that wraps seamlessly around objects.

-The inability to embed the widgets and UI elements of certain nodes into the UI of a group node, it would definitely spare one from having to tell the user to make some external setup in cases, the idea here would be to give a special socket type to widgets and other UI elements (only seen in the group node view) so that one can plug them to appear in the UI of the group node itself. (these would be like the gradient widget in the color-ramp node, the normal widget in the normal node, the various transformation lists in the mapping node ect…

  • (a big one), once upon a time in the 2.4x series, I was easily able to make very complex landscape images with the help of texture node trees in conjunction with the displacement modifier, something that I would not be able to do again because of a ‘fix’ where the developer chose to write it off as a limitation instead of going deeper to fix it properly.

Essentially, when a developer decides to fix something by creating a new limitation or error message, I personally consider that a sort of ‘cop-out’ fix, where the issue would still be there, but the user is blocked from being able to recreate it.

Why is this a big deal, the fact that the texture nodes can no longer be used with the displacement modifier essentially killed the idea of Blender being a landscape generator with some similarities to Terragen and Vue, it’s like Blender was about there in terms of that kind of power only to decide to scrap the whole possibility instead of working towards it.

As another consequence, it also significantly reduced the ability for one to use the displacement modifier without images, the ability to mix procedurals for the displacement modifier is a must for getting the most for earthy surfaces like rock and the fact that you’re now limited to just one procedural with some manipulation tools has reduced such possibilities by a noticeable amount. Sometimes you just need to have a texture that can wrap around the entire object without seams and images just can’t be used easily in such cases, especially since there’s nothing like Cycles’ blended box mapping to blend them away.

An alternative would be a sort of viewport feature that can display an approximate version of Cycles render-time displacement in solid mode, but then you can’t use it for projects using the old internal renderer or the game engine.

So again, limitations in existing features that can be resolved in one release Cycle, post away.

Another useful feature that sort of broken with 2.5 version is when you painting instances with particle system, you can’t see them as objects till you go out from particle edit mode.

Yes,and there are also other things missing from 2.49 in the particle system,like vertex group controlling tangent and tangent rotation.
Also,In blender 2.49 you have the possibility to use a real uv coordinates for the particle hair(I mean,you can map a 2d image on the strand)which it was useful for things like feathers,now it’s not possible(in Cycles,in Blender internal it works).
A limitation that could improve the possibility in the particle system is also if the particle instance modifier worked a bit better.
With this you can deform a geometry following the strand(it could be useful again for feathers) but it’s roll angle is fixed in x,y,z,it makes no sense(the modifier could be useful if it could use as roll angle the same angle generated by the particle system when it use the instance geometry,so you can place correctly geometry different from a cylinder.)
Also the possibility to use the instance modifier to generate an uv space from the emitter object could improve the usefulness of the modifier.

Not being able to enter “edit mode” for multiple object. This one limitation makes it extremely tricky to edit models that exist of multiple objects, especially after they’re rigged. It also makes it almost impossible to efficiently UV map “multi-object-models”. This is a big one.

(What do i mean by “multi-object-model”? See the quadbot from tears of steel.)

all i ask for is an “only shadow/reflection” shader, that’s all i need.

  • Solid + Wireframe as Viewport Shading Option

yeah, it’s possible through the Object-Options, but that’s kinda annoying. Also if you want have Solid + Wireframe for many Objects you have to enable it for each Object separately, which also can be quite annoying. (when there is a easy way to do that which I am not aware of, pls tell me)

  • Snap-Option to the Middle of Edges

Coming from 3ds Max I really missed this Snap-Option while working on the visualization of a bigger building

Hi, my contribution:

  • object pass index limited to 32767. Noticed it when writing a tutorial, I thought it was not very important but it would be easier with a larger limitation.

  • in Cycles material the limlitation of editing 3 digits post comma (ex: 1.234). Perhaps there is a parameter that I don’t know enabling more digits.
    Edit 2013-08-11 : strange behavior, perhaps a bug: in cycles/Material/Mapping node/scale, I can edit 0.00001 without problem but when I edit 0.0025 I have 0.002 restituted.

python script copy and paste, will toggle wire on selected objects

import bpy
for a in bpy.context.selected_objects:
    a.show_wire = not a.show_wire

Uhh not sure if i am understanding this correctly… but are you meaning like 3 or 4 or x number of loops all bridged together? becasue i am 99% sure thats in trunk now working fine? if not submit a bug report.

Thank you Sir, it works like a charm! :yes:

Im pretty sure this limit is put in place so that it can be saved to a 16bit image fine… anything higher would require a 32bit image.

The array modifier is super limited, it´s fine for very simple things but if you really want to use it in a more flexible way then you’re basically screw. You cannot assign random materials to the created arrays and some other several limitations in the creation process. There´s an advance array modifier that should be integrated into the trunk as soon as possible and provide further work to make it very nice.

Also the particle system is very limited at the moment. And finally we don´t have alembic format or a good network render system based on tiles.

I think this should count as fixing something old;

Under Film under Render Settings there is a property for Transparent, to get alpha instead of the sky. The problem is that having it under Render Settings changes this for every layer. It is therefor impossible to have the sky in one layer and alpha in the rest to combine in the compositor.

I think it would be more logical for this feature to be under the Render Layer settings :slight_smile:

(Currently I render out an image with only the sky, all layers with objects disabled, save it and then later feed it into the compositor as a image. Perhaps there is already a better way to do it?)

Real snap to grid. How hard it can be?

  • enter “edit mode” for multiple object
  • Real snap to grid
  • Solid + Wireframe as Viewport Shading Option

  • no more mouse pointer over a control to change anything
  • floating and user dockable windows -like gimp like example-
  • reintroduction of OOPS Schematic as a must to properly display data structures
    - Show F6 operator panel overlay and let preview changed values before apply an action.

does the lack hair collision problem count as a limitation of an existing feature?

  • Deformation motion blur
    -gpu accelleration in compositor and sequencer

P.S. Sorry, it seems I am off topic.

Deformation motion blur is a GSOC-project this year and the compositor already supports OpenCl-Acceleration. Just activate it in the N-Panel.

most of the blender features are unusable. :frowning:

-A “Select new edges” checkbox in subdivide so can instantly manipulate the new geometry after creation.
-Ability to use “L” hotkey in UV editor while in Sync with 3D View.
-Remove Doubles should be able to merge to the center (After its determined which ones will be merged based on the tolerance, find each groups center, then merge).