Limited amount of bullets

Could any of you guys tell me how to create a limit of bullets that can be shot? :confused:

1stly welcome aboard at BA forums .
this can be Achieved by using properties …
study Social’s fps template .

Thank you.

Hey but im not creating fps (i was just giving an exaple of what i need) and i don’t need most of that stuff in fps template and i think its too complicated for a beginner like me. Maybe there is an easier way to end object when property = 0 ?

The easiest way is to use the AND controller with a property sensor. For example, if you click to shoot:
Click, bullets not equal to zero -> AND -> (shoot), bullets-1

Thank you but still im doing something wrong could you please make a little sample?

You understand how to use properties?

Oh yes thank you so much i finaly got everything working.

Good work. I knew you could do it.