"Limited" CoPlanar selection? Any addons?

Thats how default CoPlanar selection works:

Left: we pick any face
Right: run CoPlanar selection.

Those behavior are okay, cause allow you to select something fast, but sometimes (pretty often, actually) it creates problems, because some part of the model can contain coplanar faces which you dont need in selection. And sometimes you can overlook that selection was wrong.

Real case example:

Left: selection which i was needed
Right: selection what i actually get. All those extra faces are should not be in selection at all.

In 3ds max behavior of selection like this are opposite. You enable “coplanar” tool and pick some selection.
All faces marked with green are actually coplanar, but you can select them one by one. The selection will be automatically stop.

I guess max are look which face are coplanar to the one you clicked first, but then automatically terminate further selection if angle between already selected faces are >x or something like that, i dunno.

Maybe some one see some addons which makes coplanar behave the same way as in 3ds max with restrictions like that?

In blender you can do it this way:

-use coplanar
-use shift-h to show only selected
-hover mouse over parts you want unselect and press shift+L
(or unselect all and hover and press L to select)

alt+h to unhidden if you finished the unselect

And thats obvious way to solve the problem in case when coplanar selection works not the way you want.
I want to find a solution which simply will not create any problem to solve at all.

Select>Linked>Linked Flat Face?

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Lol… When i was making my pie menu i check all selection methods and pick everything i need and complitely ignore this one. So dumb, sooo dumb :sweat_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: Thats exactly what i was looking for

Be aware “Linked Flat Faces” does not count CoPlanar in.