Limited File Size with Yafray?

Can Yafray only render files of certain sizes? Reason I ask is because I am using the built-in renderer in RC 1 of Blender. This morning, it was working just fine, but now it just freezes Blender when I go to render. I didn’t change any of the settings…the only thing that changed during the day was adding more to my composition, as well as one more lamp. So this leads me to believe Yafray has a problem after files reach a certain size…

Has anyone else had a problem like this??

Edit: Also tried same render with the latest CVS build. This render froze Blender, as well, and the Windows “blender.exe has experienced a problem and needs to close” dialog box popped up. (With RC 1, I had to press Ctrl Alt Del to find out it had stopped working.)

nope, no, nein, nein und abermals nein, certainly not,
just what your RAM can cope. Try with the Blender official release anyway.