limited FoV

(Jolly Gnome) #1
Does anyone of you know what causes this?
If you don’t get what’s wrong in the picture: the “field of vision” is limited, so that you can’t see all of the objects in the scene, if they are too far away from some point (possibly the origo).
This is really annoying and it isn’t continuous (ie. it’s not always there, just sometimes)

(hannibar) #2

Easy one.

Move your cursor over the 3d-window.
Push F7
Look for a button called ‘ClipEnd’
Increase the value.

(JarellSmith) #3

Actually the key combination is Shift_F7, Shift_F5 to return to the 3D Window.

Also, just for your information, the camera also has clip start/end parameters that can be accessed by selecting the camera and looking in the Edit buttons window [F9]

(Jolly Gnome) #4

Ah, thanks a lot friends :slight_smile:
I knew about the camera ClipStart and ClipEnd values, and I tried to adjust them to no avail.
Oh, and thanks for two very useful shortcuts also :wink: