Limited functionality with Huion G10T tablet

Just got one of these, hoping it would be great for sculpting. It’s got both wireless and USB modes, Currently works great in Photoshop but in Blender it will only respond when plugged in, and even then most inputs do not appear to be working, including pressure sensitivity.

I’m on Windows 10 and used the latest drivers from Huion.

FWIW it shows “USB Composite Device” when plugged in, and “Pen Tablet” on wireless.

I also saw this recent bug report for a tablet from the same brand:

However, I’m not using Linux so I don’t know if it’s applicable.

Any help would be appreciated. I know I probably should have just bought a Wacom… but this one looks nice and TBQH it works reasonably well, except for not working in Blender…


so I also found this which appears to be a clue:

I guess wintab and Windows Ink drivers both don’t work with Blender. That would be unfortunate… anyone know a work-around? Does Linux still work, maybe? I suppose I can just try it…