limited rotation around one axis - how to?

hello blenderartists,
i was unsure where to post this so here it comes again (i first posted it in basics and interface)… sorry for the doublepost:

i need a little help with my project: atm i am meshing an electrical hand prosthesis that i will build afterwards… the mesh is my way to plan and design the parts i will need to create.
to see whether the movement of the hand is “natural” or if parts intersect when fingers are moved i want to give the mesh bones (or something similar you might tell me…)

to make a long story short: attached is a little picture of a mesh of one of the servo motors i will be using. i need to give it an axis (red) that enables the head of the motor (in the picture everything above the blue line) to rotate around it for 180 degrees (not more). the head needs to be fixed in all other directions though and after 180 degrees of rotation it must only be able to rotate 180 degr back.

can you give me any hints how to do this? In the end each joint of the fingers will have one motor and i want to be able to e.g. move a fingertip and see how the whole finger follows.

Thanks for any help



Is the motor head a separate object. If so in the Constraints panel you could give it a Limit Rotation constraint. Just add the necessary limits for each axis.

hello richard
thank you for your answer. if i limit the rotation via constraints - will the rotation also be limited when i use armatures?.. so if i got you right i should give bones to to the hand, limit the rotation of the objects and thats the way?

thank you