Limited Side To Side Movement??

Hey, I’m just wondering if I could limit my side to side movement along the x axis without using collision?

Any help would be great :slight_smile:


Maybe the Constraint ( Loc X) Actuator will do the job?!


Or you could use python and limit the movement that way.
(If you don`t know how, I could do a small example for ya.)


I have been playing around with the “Anistropic” buttons if what you are trying to restrict is an Actor. When your surface and Actor have materials with “DYN” properties the “Anistropic” will adjust the friction for each of the axis.

I am not sure if the Material DYN friction adds to the Anistropic settings or if they are independent and/or redundant.


Well here’s the thing… As stupid as it sounds, I’m trying to make a wakeboarding game and I am trying to get it to rotate on an axis (the boat’s tower), but for now, it’s just the wake.

Actually better yet, maybe it would be better to have the object to rotate on a bit of an axis. Here’s an example of what I’d like:

On your character in the “force” actuator, make sure the little “L” next to the force is pressed in.

Then create an edit object – track to actuator which tracks to the tow point.

Now in the force, make sure you have the right axis (probably the X, but view the axis in wireframe to make sure you have the right one) and put it in the corresponding Force value. From left to right, it’s X, Y, and then Z.

Hoped that helped!


Okay, here are a few stupid questions from a helpless newb :stuck_out_tongue:

What exactly did Pooba mean by “Then create an edit object – track to actuator which tracks to the tow point.” and what will that do exactly… :expressionless: