Limited zoom in in 3D viewport and strange solution

Sometimes, when I zoom in on an object in the 3D view - perspective, there comes a moment when I cannot get closer no matter what. Then also, orbiting and panning become extremely slow, like in cold mollasses. By pure stupid luck, at a given moment, a bit desperate, I used Numpad dot, and it did not only bring the selected object in full view but also unstuck the zoom, allowing me to zoom in or out speedily and at will.
So, I guess that I don’t have a zoom problem anymore, except for the fact that I don’t understand why I had one at first. It really bothers me to rely on a “workaround” that may very well not be one. Anyone with an explanation of the causes ?


Camera and viewport camera have an endpoint that defines the furthest point you can zoom in. If you want to move both camera position and its endpoint you need to zoom(dolly) with ctrl+shift+mmb or do as you did: numpad dot resets this distance. This isn’t really well documented and frustrated me for quite some time.


Oh thank you ; feels better. As any other misery does, frustration cannot stand alone. :grin:
Good to know about dolly. Good to learn about the existence of a viewport camera. Of course I should have. Knowing this, I was able to start a search within the manual where there’s actually a full answer under "Troubleshooting " (duh and reduh)》3d viewport 》invisible Limit Zooming In.
TY for the company. :upside_down_face:

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