limiting the amount of objects added

Was hoping someone could make a quick blend on how to limit objects added using an empty. Example lets’ say only 10 objects will be added by pressing space bar, after 10 nothing happens. i have an idea about how to go about using properties it but a little confused


Can be easily done via properties, if no one sends a blend file now, I will share it tommorow, cause its night in India

Hit space, it will drop 10 cubes. and you can’t drop anymore after the 10 dropped.

Restore/activate the left bottom brick and right bottom 2 bricks to reset the progress, so after 10 dropped you can hit space again and it will drop 10 more…rinse repeat…

add max 10.blend (511.0 KB) (upbge 0.2.5)

OOH wow 11 years later omg… well for any who wants it…

there is a saying “better late than never”. :rofl:

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Is something funky going on with disqus that we do not know about? xD
I think this is the fourth occurrence of this I’ve seen this month xD