Limiting the Effects of Geometry Nodes

So I have managed to limit the effects of a geometry node in some sense.

I did this by shrinkwrapping a plane onto half the model and applying the geometry nodes to just that plane. I feel like this could get a bit chaotic, though, when I get more and more different geoemetry node effects onto the same model, so is there a way to limit the effects of geometry nodes to different regions? Kinda like a vertex group, but for geometry nodes. Does that exist?

@SourLemon100000 If you want half the object like that. use the position node connected to a separate XYZ , connect the X to a compare node (less than 0) which will output a boolean that you connect to the selection slot of delete node.

for vertex groups you create it on the object and in the modifiers panel you add it as an input. which will appear in “Group Input” node inside the GeoNodes

hope i understood your question.

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LIke cg pixel said. You can also use the normal input node, for example for putting snow on top of objects, see blend file in Procedural snow with geometry nodes

This creates straight edges, which is already pretty cool, but is there a way to map out really complex shapes?


For your vertex group question. if you drag an empty socket from the input. 1
it will add an input in the modifier stack 2. which will look at first like it just takes a value and not much useful in this case
if you press that button next to it 3 it will change to name field and you can click and select your vertex groups or attributes

also remember the selection is a boolean so you can combine different selections into one using the Boolean math nodes
you even get values from textures and combine them. tune your value with a map range node